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This Group is about Homestuck and Homestuck only, though Crossovers are accepted.
Founded 2 Years ago
Feb 21, 2015


22 Members
24 Watchers
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Fancharacters and OC's
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Purple Blood Adopt -Closed- by Saltbae
Name Your Price YCH Gif -Open- by Saltbae
Candy Corn Romper Rumpus by BlueHeir413


What are your opinions and takes on the End?
What can you not wrap your head around?
Are you excited to say Homestuck is your favorite anime?

But anyway, I have a serious question that has been bugging me. And that involves Caliborn and his Clock. Why did he destroy the clock? I have spent most of my day thinking about it, watching the animation over and over, dicussing it with friends, etc... How i see it is that he destroyed the clock so that he cant be judged when death comes? If so then how did the battle between Lord English and the ghost army end?

So i am asking you guys what you think. Do you have anything that doesnt add up right to you too?

Comment your thoughts, questions, and hopefully answers to mine and the other questions below. :3
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